Andrew M Horwood

- Course Director

Andy is an independent musculoskeletal podiatrist, an Honorary Visiting Fellow of Staffordshire University and has co-developed Healthystep (Sensoraph) Ltd’s products. He is now Technical Director at Healthystep. He is also a Clinical Adviser (musculoskeletal/rehabilitation) to Bailey’s Instruments. Andy is an enthusiastic member of the Society for the Study of Human Biology, with particular interest in human evolutionary biology and its medical implications. He continues to be a module leader on Staffordshire Universities MSc in Clinical Podiatric Biomechanics.

Emma Cowley MSc, BSc (Hons)

Emma is a lecturer at the University of Plymouth in musculoskeletal podiatry and also works as a podiatrist with NHS Plymouth and in her private practice.  Her research and clinical interests lie in the field of neuromuscular approaches in podiatry with a special interest currently in relation to orthotic design.  She has several areas of extended scope practice including injection therapy and advanced gait analysis.

Bob Longworth MSc DPodM

Working in the Musculoskeletal (MSK) team for NHS Leeds, Bob gets to practice MSK Podiatry full time. He lectures on the Origins and Principles module that forms part of the Masters programme in Clinical Podiatric Biomechanics at Staffordshire University. He has an interest in Evolutionary Medicine.

Jill Halstead MSc BSc (Hons)

Jill is a full time Arthritis Research Campaign PhD student at the University of Leeds - Section of Musculoskeletal Disease. She has BSc (Hons) degrees in both Sports Science and Podiatry, plus an MSc in Health Research. Jill worked as an NHS podiatrist for 5 years in her early carear in which she specialised in musculoskeletal and rheumatology practice. Jill continues now works in musculoskeletal research and is particularly interested in lower limb mechanics, MRI and joint disease.

Helen Branthwaite MSc BSc (Hons)

Helen works as a Senior Lecturer in Clinical Biomechanics at Staffordshire University. She also has private practices in the South of Manchester, working with foot and ankle surgeons, physiotherapists and Chiropractors. She finds working in a multiple disciplinary team expands her knowledge of lower limb pathology and management. Her research interest in foot function has recently expanded further into footwear and the impact of shoes on foot pathology. She is currently involved in research projects on footwear choices, footwear pressure and EMG of gastrocnemius.

Lee Short MSc BSc

Lee splits His time between an ESP Musculoskeletal post within NHS Leeds and his private musculoskeletal practice in York.  He has a specialist interest in Haemophilia and Haemarthrosis, with particular reference to reducing joint bleeds and restoration of normal gait patterns in those patients with limited joint range of motion. He has provided numerous conference reports on the subject..  His other area of interest is reduction of incidence of medial tibial stress within military personnel.  Lee hopes to embark on a research project on the subject in the near future.

Mandy Abbott MSc, BSc

Mandy is a Podiatry lecturer at Glasgow Caledonian University teaching functional anatomy and biomechanics. Mandy’s masters degree is in sports injury and therapy and she still practices in this area working with a number of Scottish Premier football teams and also in private practice with a number of other sports providing musculoskeletal management of acute and chronic injuries/symptoms. As the Clinical Director for Fit Feet screening for Special Olympics G.B  Mandy has been involved in the National Summer and Winter games in 2005, 2007 and 2009 and also the World Winter Games in Idaho in 2009.

Tess V. O’Neill MSc DPodM DSpM 

Tess works Full time in her private practice in South West London. Specializing in Musculoskeletal Podiatry currently assisting and mentoring her associate with his research project on running shoes with the assistance of a commercial running shoe company. In April she will be running Podiatric manipulation workshops at Galway University. She has an interest in the neurophysiology of lower limb functional biomechanics.