Putting the Function into Foot Orthoses

- Bob Longworth/Lee Short

Bob and Lee will be doing a practical session on phasic posting.
With doubt thrown on the validity of Root style measurements (and therefore orthoses produced using those measurements) Bob & Lee will present an approach to insole therapy that is free from the constraints of any one theory of foot function. This session allows participants to follow a logical protocol that produces quick and effective treatment with a variety of chairside orthoses. They will also introduce how the use of in-shoe pressure technology can aid insole prescription, particularly with patients who have major joint limitations or gait abnormalities.

Foot and postural stability - getting the balance right

- Helen Branthwaite/Emma Cowley

Stability allows for controlled motion and improved adaptation. Instability alters muscle function and power and can be the primary cause for many lower limb pathologies. In this workshop we will investigate how important stability is to improve patient recovery and reduce further problems including falls and chronic pain. We will evaluate the use of technologies in assessment and will also introduce basic clinic based ideas that can be used for all patient groups.

Palpation Anatomy and Mobilisation

- Andy Horwood/Tess O’Neill

Essential skills for manipulation. Following on from huge popularity of last years workshop this session has been updated and extended to include more techniques and an insight into the important area of foot rehabilitation. Delegates have the opportunity for a real hands-on experience under the guidance of the presenters.

The right shoes & orthotics for the right activity

- Mandy Abbott and Jill Halstead

We often prescribe orthotics to suit and fit the footwear that the patient walks into the clinic in. Consideration needs to be given the variety of materials used in orthotic manufacture and the environment they will need to work in. This workshop explores the selection of device and materials to suit the patients real world needs and their suitability to different types of footwear.

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