Solving Metatarsalgia: The Orthoblend Approach

A tutorial on diagnosis and management of metatarsalgia using foot orthoses, including those that will fit any shoe no matter how challenging. Taping techniques, mobilisation exercises and other rehabilitation techniques will all be explored.

Manipulations & Mobilisation

Move the joint …ease the pain. A hands on session to demonstrate the most useful techniques for safely manipulating & mobilising joints and soft tissues. We will explore the latest amazing treatments which will revolutionize your clinical practice.

Orthopaedic Testing

Diagnostic techniques using Orthopaedic Medicine gives practitioners a systematic structure to patient examination in order to obtain a diagnosis. A short lecture on the principles of Orthopaedic Medicine will be followed by a practical demonstration where participants can get to use the techniques discussed.

Foot Rehabilitation – Beyond Orthoses

We’ve known for years that the foot is connected to the leg.Now current research has shown how important it is for us to rehabilitate the patient from the foot to the hip. A workshop exploring the importance of rehabilitating the foot & leg using exercises and simple strengthening aids to speed and aid recovery.

Soccer Boots to Ski Boots

The correct fitting of foot orthoses in sports shoes is critical to their function – this workshop shows how & why. We will explore the features of footwear, how a good selection of shoes or boots and the correct fitting of the orthosis to the footwear is as essential to a successful outcome as the correct fitting of the orthosis to the patient.

Advanced Prescription Modifications to Customisable Foot Orthoses

Customisable orthoses now have the potential to do almost whatever you want, as well as, if not better than custom devices. We will demonstrate and explain a range of adjustments that can be made in the clinic to give a true custom fit for the patient.

One Stop Rehabilitation for
Plantar Fasciitis

How to clinically diagnose plantar fasciitis from other heel pains plus how to resolve it without expensive custom foot orthoses. Mobilisation, home taping, exercises and foot orthoses options will be presented.

When does musculoskeletal pathology become something else? 

This is a practical workshop that will involve lively discussion about MSK pathology. The workshop will focus upon the presentation and diagnosis of foot and lower limb pathologies. This workshop will provide different approaches to find out the most about the pathology; from natural history to prognostic indicators, and finally when or if to refer on and to whom.  


"We reserve the right to change the title and content of the workshops stated without advanced notification to delegates.
  This may occur due to reasons beyond our control"